ESSI - About us

Our story

It was the year 1996 when the virtues of persistence and discipline of the engineer Mauricio Bríñez Rodríguez, applied to concepts so far embodied on paper, allowed the company of solutions, services and innovation, ESSI, to come to life in Colombia.

With the aim of expanding its business, in 1998, ESSI, with the hand of engineer Mauricio Briñez, visioned the strategic business unit of aseptic processes with the design, manufacture and commissioning of the first flexible UHT packaging machine for long-life milk. This packaging machine is a solution for the dairy industry that allowed pasteurized milk to be passed from 4 to 6 days to an ultra-pasteurized milk of 30 to 90 days without refrigerated. Today, 86% of the sales of this strategic business unit are made abroad.

At the same time, the union between great specialists and investors, who share the vision of adding value to the dairy, food and beverage industry; with a clear objective, to offer technology, innovation and food safety. In this way, ESSI is consolidated in 2005 as a national reference with two lines of business: solutions in aseptic process equipment from the collection to the end of the line and BPO of maintenance and renewable energies; offering for the latter solar panels and BPO inhouse maintenance..

In 2009, ESSI’s international expansion plan originated, becoming an international reference in Mexico, Central America and Latin America. Later, in 2019, it enters the Indian market.

The continuous search to offer innovative solutions that provide accompaniment, has allowed ESSI today to have a portfolio of more than 40 teams that impact three areas: process teams, packaging and end of line; offering a complete solution to the dairy and food industry, chosen and successfully applied by large entrepreneurs who rely on this technology.



ESSI is a dynamic organization built by a team of integral people with technical criteria and identified in a culture that establishes, in a planned way, flexible solutions with innovative technology, generating profitability, value for our customers, job stability, well-being for the community and growth in the country..


In 2025, ESSI (SERVICES AND INNOVATION SOLUTIONS COMPANY) will have a sustained growth of 20% per year in sales, consolidating the ESSI brand as an integral ally to facilitate customer operations efficiently with quality, reliability and continuous improvement. In addition, with a presence in 20 countries worldwide (America, Africa, Europe and Asia).

Corporate Values




1996 -

Mauricio Bríñez founded ESSI

1998 -

OUTSOURCING contract with a major Colombian company.
Electrical and industrial maintenance in the dairy sector.
ESSI reinvents itself towards the manufacture of packaging machines.

2000 -

INNOVA award.

2007 -


Local reference for packaging machines
International expansion plan begins

2010 -

Value and strategy.


Local reference of packaging machines.

Start an international expansion plan.

2012 -

Innova Awards.

2014 -

Innova Awards.

2015 -

#1 in UHT flexible packaging solution in America.
Mindset and culture award.

2016 -

Alliances with leading companies in the dairy sector.

2018 -


Entrance to India.

2019 -


Income from the MAS Equity Partners (MEP) fund

Value construction

2020 -


Fifth place- Innovation Companies in consolidation according to the ANDI.

2021 -


Santander Exporter Award in the category Technology Level of Goods.
ESSI ranked first in the Business Innovation Ranking of the ANDI - National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia 2021 in the department of Santander.

2022 -


Recognition "A La Vanguardia", Internationalization category.