Learn about the experience of an expanding “Top Companies” company in Mexico, with ESSI UHT technology.

After years of industrial, technological and social acceleration, the food industry focuses on more demanding quality standards, to which companies must respond through technological innovation. The United States is one of the largest markets in the world, which has shown an increase in food consumption per capita worldwide, therefore, it represents great opportunities for companies to export their products; however, they must comply with the regulations and safety regulations required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

ESSI, an innovative company from Colombia, dedicated to the manufacture of process equipment: UHT, packaging and end of line for the dairy, food and beverage industry, has directed its efforts towards the continuous evolution of its process teams, adapting to the needs of customers, in this way, it allows producers to deliver a product that meets the needs of the final consumer. The research and development work carried out by the engineering department has been led by experts, who have directed their knowledge towards the evolution and continuous improvement of ESSI technology for long-life products.

ESSI UHT equipment ensures the safety and versatility of the products.

Recently, the UHT units have been submitted to international evaluating bodies, who, together with ESSI experts, carried out an evaluation from their design to their release, taking into account factors such as: thermal design, food safety, instruments and verification and control systems.


This process has made it possible to verify compliance with the required measuring instruments, increasing the level of safety conditions, which guarantee the main objective of the equipment.

Thanks to this achievement, ESSI has the endorsement of Ultrapasteurization equipment technology, which allows national and international companies to process UHT products such as white milk, flavored milk, oats, cream, coconut milk, almond milk, alcoholic beverages, nectars, among others; which may be exported to markets such as the United States, under FDA regulations.

This technology is strengthened with the support of our customers; in this case, a Mexican company, considered as “Top Companies” of expansion in Mexico, in its objective of guaranteeing the highest quality standards for its extensive variety of products and continuing to meet the needs of consumers, especially in the US market, chose the ESSI processing technology, which allows it to take advantage of growth opportunities, adopting consumer-driven

Product development opportunities will mean for the food and beverage industry an increase in innovation around industrial equipment that adapts to food regulations, allowing companies to deliver to the final consumer products certified under FDA regulations that guarantee the safety, asepsis and conservation of their organoleptic characteristics. ESSI is focused on promoting opportunities for expansion, allowing companies to meet the needs of national and international markets, thanks to its verified and endorsed technology that allows beverage manufacturers to meet the requirements given by consumers, through new flavors that will spread around the world.

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