ESSI is a benchmark for innovation in the department of Santander and in the country. This represents great challenges, the sustainability of a global network that trusts in its work implies for ESSI to be constantly evolving to continue transcending borders with innovative and, above all, environmentally friendly solutions. Success and its permanence in the market depends on the correct answers to the challenges presented by the global reality.

According to the above, in 2021, ESSI assumes the challenge of integrating sustainability solutions into all its processes included in the two lines of business: Aseptic Processes and Energy. In this way, it strengthens the stakeholder relationship model, based on shared value practices embodied in its Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability plan

To objectively select the problems that matter most to its shareholders, the public of essential interest and the company, ESSI applies the principle of materiality of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

This tool will allow you to find a balance, in the medium and long term, that addresses the environmental, social and economic concerns/governance (ASG) that impact companies and stakeholders with whom it is related.

4 sustainability axes are taken as a reference to guide decision-making in organizational management:

Principles of sustainable action

This strategy is aligned with the principles and promises of organizational value, aimed at the fulfillment of actions defined from a culture of social responsibility.

Interest groups

ESSI is committed to generating shared value for all its stakeholders (shareholders, customers, collaborators, suppliers, community and government, NGOs, guilds and others). With this in mind, build a sustainability strategy. Therefore, and the correct relationship with stakeholders has allowed him to identify synergies and develop strategic alliances.

This responds to social, environmental trends, market dynamics and also to public health crises.

Value proposals 2021-2023 

The best technical support

The objective of ESSI is to be the best option for customers and technological allies, encouraging long-term relationships based on ethical principles in the management of information and from the commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • The best customer experience

Within the priorities of ESSI is the provision of services and the production of the highest quality solutions, essential to promote the sustainability of the organization and the creation of value for all stakeholders.


The best product

ESSI is interested in motivating the creation of shared value for stakeholders with long-term relationships based on trust and transparency, working around anti-corruption policies.

  • Responsible value chain

Within the integral management of suppliers and purchases, ESSI has been adjusting the processes to align itself with the new challenges brought about by the development of responsible practices that generate trust among stakeholders, contributing to sustainability and competitiveness.

  • Encourage sustainable purchasing and the development of local suppliers

Prepared for the future, ESSI wants to grow hand in hand with its allies and suppliers, which is why it strengthens its Risk Management and Money Laundering System; shielding not only the Board of Directors and its businesses, but also customers, suppliers and collaborators..


Cost-effective solutions with the lowest environmental impact

ESSI aims to offer customers technology that minimizes environmental impact and operating costs.

  • Operational eco-efficiency of resources, energy and water

ESSI is committed to improving the energy performance of operations to strengthen competitiveness and reduce the possible impacts associated with energy operations.

  • Minimize environmental impacts

Promoting environmental sustainability in the value chain is a vital focus for ESSI, this is achieved by positively impacting suppliers, aligned with sustainability standards and the 2030 SDGs.

The best human being

The aim is to promote talent with a vocation for service, passion and commitment through the mechanisms of communication and organizational participation and the strengthening of OSH practices.

Safety and health is transversal to each strategic business unit.

In missionary objectives, work is done with communication channels for the integration of all work units, both national and international.

  • Its horizon is the use of new technologies and social networks for the development of collaborators with an educational platform, in alliance with protection. It is also important to generate strategies for skills training and certification (ESA University – SENA). In addition, communication and transparency with employees is relevant to make them participate in the strategy and objectives of this organizational culture.

Sustainability Report

Committed to the future, the environment, the global economy and nearby environments. This responsibility materializes in the transparent communication of financial reports, responsible business practices and first steps in the management of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.

In this sense, the Board of Directors as the highest supervisory body and the Sustainability Committee present the reports of sustainable management in a transparent manner in a timely manner.

Learn about the ESSI sustainable management reports.