ESSI offers a wide range of packaging equipment, processes and end of line, which have efficient advantages for the producer and the consumer.

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ESSI offers complete UHT aseptic packaging lines for bags or sachets, designed under parameters of automation, innovation and food safety; which guarantee greater productive efficiency.

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ESSI technological processing solutions have been designed for the aseptic treatment of products such as beverages, ice creams, juices, milk and their derivatives, guaranteeing savings and increasing their efficiency.

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End of line

Through advanced technological tools in engineering, ESSI specialists design systems that allow complete end-of-line automation, optimizing production processes and guaranteeing productive efficiency.

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Technical support

ESSI has extensive coverage in after-sales service, training and technical attention of its products, ensuring the maximum performance of ESSI technological equipment 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Operational efficiency

ESSI designs strategic plans that allow food producers to implement best practices for quality assurance in processes, assets, products and human resources; guaranteeing greater operational excellence and productive efficiency.

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The ESSI staff is highly trained, they have the ‘Know-How’ in the operation and maintenance of thermal and hydroelectric plants; guaranteeing the growth of companies in the energy, oil & gas, agro-industrial, industrial and renewable energies sectors.


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