Operational efficiency

Increase your operational efficiency

Thinking about the profitability of companies, ESSI seeks to eliminate losses in production processes, thus generating an increase in operational reliability through the implementation of comprehensive policies in asset management, the scope of global efficiency of world-class processes and the implementation of best practices for quality assurance in processes, assets, products and human resources.


Objective of the UEN EFIO

The main objective of the Operational Efficiency unit is to integrate efficient solutions with flexible models for the customer that range from operation and maintenance (O&M) to the supply of spare parts and consumables of our technology. Implementing world-class methodologies in search of operational excellence; generating value for the business and customers.

Strategies and focuses of EFIO ESSI

Focus I. Maximum efficiency of assets
  • Strategy: matrix of operational excellence
  • Establishment of the best strategies tailored to the business.
  • Specialized technical assistance: operate + maintain + train + certify = 0 risk
  • Progressive achievement of the OEE
  • Establishment of service level agreements (ANS) in service models.
Focus II. Excellent maintenance
  • Strategy: matrix of maintenance excellence.
  • Operational reliability.
  • Prediction and resolution of failures.
  • Focused improvement teams.
  • Proactive maintenance.

Focus III. Business management

  • Strategy: plan Strategic de gestión de activos.
  • Generating business value.
  • Maximum use of the equipment.
  • Recovery of investment under successful financial models.
  • Evaluation of risk management.

Value proposal of the EFIO ESSI

  • Comprehensive asset management: ESSI solutions allow the generation of value, the establishment of asset management policies at all levels and the analysis of demand.
  • Operational reliability: by choosing ESSI as its service provider, it guarantees continuous improvement processes present in the use of human resources, assets, procedures and the effective maintenance strategy.
  • Innovation with automation levels: ESSI designs Operational Efficiency services aimed at optimizing resources and processes through innovation; it has a team design thinking that models the operation of the business with advanced technology that guarantees automation and proposes tailor-made financial models with attractive return rates.
  • Data integration with OEE software: ESSI technology has real-time interaction allowing the control of operations. These intelligent systems allow specialists to choose the right decision in any situation. Real-time monitoring allows traceability to results and create improvement plans eliminating the risks associated with each process.
  • Energy performance: ESSI offers in each service the progressive improvement in the efficiency of energy consumption (electric power, fuel and water), necessary for the support of our customers’ operations.
  • Calidad, seguridad, salud en el trabajo y medio ambiente: la política corporativa está alineada con las normas internacionales ISO 90001, ISO 45001 e ISO 14001.
  • All EFIO ESSI services are supported by current legal regulations and its commitment will always be the assurance of quality in the processes, the protection of human talent and the sustainability of the business.

Experience with EFIO ESSI:

During its trajectory, ESSI has developed tailor-made Operational Efficiency models for the dairy industry nationally and internationally. It has more than 15 projects and 148 professional specialists in Operational Efficiency; the result of the interdisciplinary experience of experts who, through technology and innovation, have achieved reliability of more than 96% in ESSI technology equipment; higher than 92% in production lines and 80% corresponding to the OEE.

Services of the UEN EFIO ESSI: