Operational efficiency

Integration of technologies

Increase control and improve the productivity of the processes in your plant through the integration of technologies; which allow the analysis of variables, responding quickly in decision-making.

  • Continuous data control: it will allow you to follow in depth; by accessing an interactive platform you will be able to load the history of your operation, check accumulated results, predict productivity behavior and interact with other users.
  • Maintenance software: perform maintenance management through a platform that allows you to load assets, encode, create criticality matrices, generate work orders and schedule the schedule of maintenance activities. In addition, integrate the control of: CAPEX and OPEX maintenance costs, inventories, human resources and management indicators.
  • Development of an app for diagnosis: allows improvement in processes by recording operational conditions and creating lists for assets, defining diagnostic routes and saving the database for the analysis of results obtained from routine and predictive maintenance activities.
  • Remote assistance Smart line: Reduce downtime by means of real-time monitoring of plant operation variables through software that represents the process, this integration of technologies provides the possibility of detecting and correcting failure through remote assistance performed from the ESSI parent house..

Proposed value of the EFIO ESSI (benefits):