Enzyme dispenser: Enzymes

Technical characteristics of the equipment

The ESSI Enzyme Doser is an integral solution that allows the dosage of solutions that contain particles less than 0.2 microns (0,0002 mm), which should not be subjected to high temperatures such as vitamins, enzymes, colors, among others; thus maintaining their properties.

This automated system is ideal for making lactose-free milk, since it will dose the lactase enzyme continuously and under aseptic conditions in the main product flow line (sterilizer and/or Aseptic Tank).

The maximum capacity for pumping the product to be dosed is 220 L/h.

Most relevant features

It allows an aseptic and controlled dosage of the lactase enzyme.

Main benefits of the Enzyme Dispenser

Expected metrics and outstanding indicators from the team

Manufacturing details

The systems in contact with the product are made of 316L stainless steel.


All ESSI process teams are highly functional systems that require a control and maintenance scheme to guarantee the indicators of reliability, availability and performance in production.

ESSI has a portfolio of services and spare parts for the timely realization of preventive and corrective maintenance. It also offers a timely remote and face-to-face technical assistance system at all times.


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