End of line

Palletized with robotic arm

Technical characteristics of the equipment

Custom-made design.

Most relevant features

The palletizing system with robotic arm, present in different industrial sectors, is integrated into end-of-line systems with the ability to work several production lines simultaneously. This technology allows you to manipulate, with the same robot, lines with small formats or at a full level. At the same time, offering configurable capacities according to the production processes of each plant.

Main benefits

Plus differential of the palletizing with robotic arm

Expected metrics and outstanding indicators from the team

Its capacity design is proportional to the quantities of production. A palletizing system with a robotic arm can handle finishing speeds of up to 30 stowages per hour.

Manufacturing details

The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, steel zincado And carbon steel with electrostatic paint finish with RAL palette color at the customer’s selection and other engineering materials; including plastics and specialized compounds, suitable for contact with food that guarantee process hygiene and a long service life of the equipment

Aspects of maintenance

All ESSI end-of-line equipment are highly functional systems that require a control and maintenance scheme to guarantee and ensure indicators of reliability, availability and production performance.

ESSI has a portfolio of services and spare parts for the timely realization of preventive and corrective maintenance. It also offers a timely remote and face-to-face technical assistance system at all times.


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