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The best human talent

Each one of the collaborators is the most valuable asset for ESSI, for this reason the policies are focused on achieving their well-being at work. ESSI is committed to ensuring an inclusive culture that allows, in turn, the development and growth of its human talent.

Value proposition for the management of human talent ESSI

It is led by strengths, never over weaknesses. Feeling passion as a leader is different from inspiring passion in others. Therefore, ESSI’s human talent is called to live a genuine enthusiasm, articulating in turn the reasons for doing the company; always with the premise of the leadership manual.

Act from values, visualizing the future, developing strengths and weaknesses that impact others.

ESSI has tools that support the Labor Coexistence Committee and the development of the psychosocial risk battery. With these organizations he works every day to be the best place of development for every life project.

ESSI develops a CAP (Annual Training Plan) at the national level, which allows to enhance the specific skills of the sector, thus having the best human talent, which has updated technical skills for the industrial sector.

Through specialized software, safe and recognized in the industrial sector, the payroll settlement process is optimized, in turn, it guarantees the control of the processes carried out by human talent in a safe and precise way, contributing to the productivity of the company.

In addition, there is a direct communication channel that allows human talent concerns or requests to be resolved in a timely manner.

The process carried out for the incorporation and selection of human talent allows ESSI to have suitable professionals to meet the requirements agreed in each project.