Operational efficiency

Operational Efficiency Models (OEE)


Optimise your processes with operational efficiency models

With the complete line of Operational Efficiency models you can access an extensive coverage that allows you to guarantee the optimal state of your processes and assets.

  • Operation and maintenance in plants: through the experience framed in more than 20 years being an efficient solution in the administration, execution of operating contracts and industrial maintenance in food plants, it has been possible to reduce waste due to product filtration, losses, damage and unscheduled stoppage, providing improvements in operational reliability developed through business process outsourcing (BPO).
  • Operational Efficiency Models with supply of spare parts and consumables: this complete model of Operational Efficiency ESSI implements the best strategies adding value to the client, since it maintains the cohesion of the different processes of the organisation and merges strategic planning with asset management. Its goal is to achieve OEE above 75%.
  • Maintenance outsourcing specialised in industrial services: by using this service, goals focussed on savings are established to later administer and execute the maintenance activities of industrial services, achieving the reduction of energy consumption to values previously established as achievable objectives.
  • Specialised technical training: the solution in specialised teaching programs, according to the operation and the ESSI equipment installed in the plant, is evaluated with theoretical-practical tests at each level. Technical training is carried out with the philosophy of autonomous maintenance and TPM.

Proposal value of the EFIO ESSI (benefits)