Technical support

Supply of spare parts

Technical support and spare parts is the unit in charge of after-sales service and technical service to ESSI customers. It has an extensive coverage of services and products, among which is the supply of spare parts to carry out preventive or corrective maintenance of its technology, guaranteeing the functionality of each of the elements supplied.

For each of the ESSI equipment, a preventive maintenance plan is provided in which the required elements are presented according to the operating time of the equipment, helping it to obtain greater performance and in turn ensuring the quality of the equipment. Maintenance interventions are carried out every 250 hours, which guarantees the availability of the equipment and its continuity in production..


The ESSI After-Sales Service Unit is made up of expert professionals, trained and prepared to provide advice to customers in the identification of the necessary parts for each of their machines. Likewise, it offers accompaniment in the special requirements requested outside the maintenance plan, ensuring that they are the ones indicated for the team.

As a complement to the process, technical support has a team for the enlistment and dispatch of each of the requests, guaranteeing the timely arrival of the required elements in optimal conditions.


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