Receipt Skid with Exchanger

Technical characteristics of the equipment

Hygiene is a fundamental principle in food processes, implementing controls for the management of microorganisms and enzymes during the collection and reception of milk directly influences the quality of the final product..

The Receipt Skid with Exchanger is a system designed to continue guaranteeing product quality through the unloading, sampling, analysis, maintenance of the cold chain and filtering of raw milk from milking farms. Its production volume is 10,000 to 25,000 L/h and the filtering systems have independent operation.

The Assembly of the Receipt Skid with Exchanger is installed in a compact structure, designed to facilitate its packaging, transport and location. This structure maintains enough internal space that allows the maneuverability required by the operator for the maintenance work or handling of any of the installed lines.

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Most relevant features

Main benefits of the Receipt Skid with Exchanger


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Manufacturing details

The entire receipt set is designed for a hygienic environment and is entirely made of 304 stainless steel, even some components are made of 316L stainless steel. Your SMS boards are aimed at maintaining the hygiene of the download process. In addition, its design has been designed so that the assembly to the final product line is quite practical.

Aspects of maintenance

All ESSI process equipment, such as the Receipt Skid with Exchanger, are highly functional systems that require a control and maintenance scheme to ensure the assurance of reliability, availability and performance indicators in production.

In this way, ESSI has a portfolio of services and spare parts for the timely performance of preventive and corrective maintenance, offering a timely remote and face-to-face technical assistance system at all times.


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