Receipt Skid with Exchanger

Process Receipt Skid with Exchanger Technical characteristics of the equipment Hygiene is a fundamental principle in food processes, implementing controls for the management of microorganisms and enzymes during the collection and reception of milk directly influences the quality of the final product.. The Receipt Skid with Exchanger is a system designed to continue guaranteeing product […]


Process Silos ESSI provides technology for the storage and protection of liquid food. Storage Tanks or Silos are designed vertically, while guaranteeing space in plants.. It has capacities ranging from 15,000 to 120,000 liters; even so, Storage Tanks can be designed according to specific requirements. Most relevant features Storage of milk and its derivatives, nectars, […]


Enzyme dispenser

Process Enzyme dispenser: Enzymes Technical characteristics of the equipment The ESSI Enzyme Doser is an integral solution that allows the dosage of solutions that contain particles less than 0.2 microns (0,0002 mm), which should not be subjected to high temperatures such as vitamins, enzymes, colors, among others; thus maintaining their properties. This automated system is […]

Aseptic Tank

Process Aseptic Tank Technical characteristics of the equipment The ESSI Aseptic Tank is a solution designed for the storage of liquid food products subjected to ultrapasteurization treatments UHT such as juices, milk and its derivatives. In addition, it allows the product to be stored in aseptic conditions for a long time with the aim of […]


Process Skimmer Technical characteristics of the equipment The ESSI Decutter is an automatic, semi-hermetic centrifugal separator with periodic waste discharge. This equipment fulfills the function of separating pure milk in cream and skim milk, simultaneously eliminating mechanical impurities. In addition, it allows the standardization of the product. The Decreator is supplied with a dashboard, hydraulic […]


Process Pasteurizer Technical characteristics of the equipment The main objective of ESSI is to guarantee products that are safe for consumption and their service life. The ESSI Pasteurizer allows the production of pasteurized liquids with a high energy efficiency. Models between 3,000 and 25,000 L/h or with higher capacities are manufactured, according to the specific […]


Proceso Homogenizer Technical characteristics of the equipment The Industrial Homogenizer is an ideal equipment for products such as milk, it fulfills the function of disintegrating or finely distributing fat globules by reducing the formation of the cream layer. In addition, it has two homogenization stages up to 240 bar. It is available in capacities between […]

UHT Sterilizer

Process UHT Sterilizer Technical characteristics of the equipment The ESSI UHT Sterilizer allows the production of long-lived food liquids with high energy efficiency, reducing the mistreatment of the product. This sterilization unit is designed for the heat treatment of milk and its derivatives or other food products such as soft drinks.. With its automatic controls, […]

CIP Automatic

Process Automatic CIP Technical characteristics of the equipment Removing impurities and preventing the appearance or development of bacteria is a necessary and preliminary step in the production of food products. For this reason, and seeking to facilitate this process in plants, ESSI has designed the Automatic CIP.. Capacities between 12.000 L/h and 35.000 L/h. It […]